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WP Yoast SEO Meta and WP Yoast SEO Links table creation in databse

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Yoast SEO WordPress database error fix.Today I will tell you how can you create WP_Yoast_SEO_meta and WP_Yoast_SEO_Links tables in database. Yoast SEO Plugin will give you an error like this when these tables are not present in databse. WordPress database error: [Table ‘legalhelpline.wp_yoast_seo_meta’ doesn’t exist] SELECT ID FROM wp_posts AS posts LEFT JOIN wp_yoast_seo_meta AS yoast_meta ON yoast_meta.object_id = posts.ID WHERE posts.post_status = “publish” AND posts.post_type IN ( “post”, “page”, “lawyer”, “legal” ) AND yoast_meta.internal_link_count IS NULL LIMIT 1.

Yoast SEO database error will be completely fixed by this and two table including WP_Yoast_SEO_meta and WP_Yoast_SEO_Links will be created.

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