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WP Plugin: Best Widgets For Your WordPress !

by WPTutorials101

Converting at less than 2%, this form is not doing terribly well.

In contrast, here are the stats of a similar form on the same website:

This one is converting almost 20% of visitors. As a result, it has put more subscribers onto a mailing list after 1,500 people have seen it than the prior form managed with over 10,000 visitors!

So, what’s the big difference between these two forms? Does the second one have far superior copy, a more captivating design, a clever multi-step setup?​

The answer is: none of the above!​

The main difference is that the first form is the “catch-all” form which is shown on every post on the site. It’s the generic offer.

The second set of stats are from a content upgrade, which is an offer made specifically for one particular post.​

In short, this massive difference in performance is due to relevance.​ The form that converts less than 2% of visitors is generic, while the form that converts at almost 20% is ultra-relevant to readers of that one particular post.

In Thrive Leads, we’ve got many tools that allow you to create highly targeted opt-in offers, so you can use the power of relevance to your advantage. Many of our users have embraced this strategy and are seeing stellar results.

So, that’s list building taken care of, but what about other parts of your website?

Enter Clever Widgets
​Clever Widgets is a plugin that allows you to apply the power of relevance to another part of your WordPress website: the widget areas.

Widget areas are most typically used in a website’s sidebar and footer. And usually, whatever you add to a widget area will show up everywhere on your site (e.g. you have the same sidebar content showing on each blog post).

With Clever Widgets, we take the powerful targeting options that are available in Thrive Leads and apply them to the widget options. This way, you can create highly targeted, highly relevant widget content that shows in specific posts, categories, tags, post types etc.

Here’s a video that explains the whole thing:​

Click to Play

Level Up Your Clever Widgets
You can use Clever Widgets to customize and target widget content in any widget area on your site, just as it’s shown in the video above.

Personally, I have used it to create relevant content to add to a site’s sidebar. Here are two tips that I’ve found useful in getting even more out of this strategy:

1) Floating Sidebar Widgets
​In my testing, I’ve found that a sidebar widget gets way more attention if it “floats” next to the content as the user scrolls down. Here’s how to make that happen:

Download the free Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin.
Decide what the most important widget content on your site looks like (in my case, it’s an ad for one of my products).
Place that widget at the bottom and make it float with the Q2W3 plugin feature.
With Clever Widgets, you can now add multiple additional plugins that will show a different ad/different content, depending on which post a visitor is looking at.
2) Simple Click Tracking
​A lot can be said about setting up correct tracking for all the links on your site and if you know your way around your analytics tool, I recommend you do just that. However, if all you want to do is keep an eye on which widget links get the most clicks and you don’t want to learn the ins and outs of Google Analytics or something similar first, I recommend this plugin: Pretty Link Lite.

​It lets you easily set up tracking links (e.g. “Sidebar Ad 1”, “Sidebar Ad 2”) and shows you basic stats about how many people clicked on each one. Extra tip: make sure to set it to filter out clicks from bots and crawlers in the plugin settings, otherwise your numbers will be bloated.

Make Your Website Smarter
Widget areas are, by their very nature, secondary areas on your site. Clever Widgets is not as complex or as involved as Thrive Leads, since it doesn’t serve as central a purpose. But it is a useful plugin that can make your website smarter and more relevant in a small way and it’s quick and easy to set up.

Take a look at your site’s sidebar and ask yourself: is there something there that’s overly generic? Would a more specific offer perform better?

If the answer is “yes”, then Clever Widgets was made for you!​

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