Mon. Sep 23rd, 2019

WordPress Tutorials 101

WordPress Tutorials

WordPress Tools

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20i’s WordPress Tools cover a lot more than just WordPress staging. They’re a package of WordPress management tools that allow you to make changes to WordPress from your 20i control panel.

No other web hosting offers these free features (except resellers of 20i hosting!).

Here, Andrew from 20i gives us an overview these WordPress
– WordPress Version Checker 0:59
– WordPress Admin 1:32
– WordPress Reinstall 2:11
– WordPress Plugin Management 3:00
– WordPress Theme Management 5:05
– WordPress User Management 6:27
– WordPress Settings 9:00
– WordPress Staging 10:07
– WordPress Checksum Report 11:09

Find out more about 20i WordPress Hosting (which includes all these tools) here:

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