Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

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WordPress Tutorials

WordPress Success with SEO Automation – Assisted and Adapted WordPress SEO

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Innovation is the norm when it comes to , and in today’s video I will show you how using an advanced software can help you avoid many SEO problems which will arrive over the years.

The solution I’m demo-ing today offers Assisted and Adapted WordPress SEO, which is something ground breaking.

The Focus Pages section is adapted to each specific element inside your WordPress site and each specific way in which your users access and engage with your website.

It adapts to every single condition and you will see that each advice you receive is adapted to your particular situation.

This is NOT a one size fits all, run of the mill, plugin for WordPress.

“It’s a complete Content Marketing Suite” – Neil Patel’s words, not mine.

Also, I will directly show you how on the Assistants inside this software has helped see a huge problem that was caused by a backup plugin whose process had gone bad.

Watch and enjoy the show!

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