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Wonderful WordPress Themes To Create Amazing Website

by WPTutorials101

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Welcome to the WordPress themes you’ve always been looking for !?

10 Reasons Thrive Themes Are a Cut Above the Rest
– Built for Speed:
Automatic image compression and an emphasis on lean, lightweight code that goes all the way
from the design to the features in the themes make Thrive Themes the fastest, most speed-
optimized themes available anywhere.

– Smart Conversion Elements:
Add targeted Focus Areas that show the offers most relevant to your visitors. Result: you get
more clicks, more sales. Or use the built-in opt-in feature to grow your mailing list faster than

– Designed for User Engagement and Readability:
Thrive Themes are designed to put your content in the best light possible, with great
readability, a careful choice of fonts and colors and smart, conversion-focused elements like
countdown timers and click-to-call phone numbers.

– Easy Page Generator:
Create sample sales pages, opt-in pages, legal pages and more with just a few clicks. The Thrive
Page Generator is the fastest way to go from zero to a fully featured, conversion-focused

– Customizable for Your Individual Needs:
Choose from over 600 fonts, set custom colors for various page elements, choose from multiple
header layouts and much more to turn our themes into the perfect companion for your

– Landing Page Templates:
Every Thrive Theme comes with a “Landing Page” template – a page that removes header
navigation links, sidebars, footer widgets and anything else that could distract a visitor.

– Fully Mobile Responsive
Your site will look great on any device, at any screen size, when using a Thrive Theme. We go
the extra mile and have column layouts that resize intelligently, icons that scale to any size
(includingretina displays) and responsive font sizes.

– Continuous Updates, Improvements and New Releases:
In the 6 months after first opening, our team of first class developers released 20 major new
feature updates and releases alongside 29 minor releases with improvements, fixes and tweaks.
Our themes and plugins are constantly improving and the collection of themes and plugins is
steadily growing.

– Trim Down Your Plugins List thanks to Built-In Features:
We all know that too many plugins slow a site down. In Thrive Themes, you’ll find ultra-lean,
speed optimized features that replace typical plugins such as a social sharing feature, related
posts feature, optimized image galleries, a font manager and more.

– Support, Training & Tutorials:
As a Thrive Themes member, you get access to our knowledge base and a wide range of
tutorials and video tutorials, to answer any question you may have about using our products.
But there’s more than that: we also have helpful support staff ready to give you a hand. In
addition, you’ll be invited to training webinars that go beyond just how to use our products and
teach you how to build a truly effective website.

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