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Rounded Images in Divi + Let Me Teach You Some CSS Part 2

by WPTutorials101

In this video I will show how you can make rounded or circular images in Divi. I will do this using some CSS code. I will also teach you some more basic CSS so you can slowly become a web developer and do your own theme customizations. You can purchase Divi Theme from here:

01:30 I have covered CSS classes. You can add more than one class in CSS separated with spaces. You have to use a period/dot to represent a class like this: .round -a class name can be anything.

02:30 Here I have shown how you can inspect the image element and find out the CSS classes and element tags of various items. This one is helpful and further explained in this video:

05:00 I used the CSS command of border-radius property to make it a circular shape. 50% will make the image have 50% radius from all 4 corners. This works best for square images.

06:30 Lastly I have used a border property to give a 5px solid border around the image.

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CSS used on this video:

.round img
border-radius: 50%;
border: 5px solid orange;

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