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Thrive Themes Review: How To Make Your WordPress Blog Prettier And Faster
If you are looking for the most detailed Thrive themes review, this page is exclusively made for you.

“How can I choose the best WordPress theme for my blog?” is the most bothering question for 90% of the beginner bloggers who just launched their sites.

If you are one among them, you are in the right place. Design is the king whether you agree it or not.

Imagine for a second the following scenario.

A visitor landing on your site for the first time and struggling to read your content because of the bad design (or font size to be precise). What would he do? Does he still bear the pain and read your posts? Definitely not! He will simply abandon your blog and search for the same information somewhere else.

Why give your competitors an edge because of your bad design?

If you have a clean looking, SEO friendly and mobile responsive design – it will not only gives a great experience to your blog readers but also increase your search rankings. Yes, you read that right! A faster loading and non-messy site can rank higher in Google search results. Google gives top priority to the sites that load faster and give better user experience.

Now, let’s get back to the topic.

Design is REALLY the king. And I have a great recommendation for all types of bloggers who want a gorgeous looking theme for their WordPress sites.

Thrive themes.

In this detailed Thrive themes review post, let’s talk about what it is, what do they offer, how much do they charge and more importantly why should you get one for your WordPress sites.

Are you ready? Let’s get into the details.

Conversion Focused Themes

Yes, thrive themes are also mobile optimized, fast and completely SEO friendly just like any other great WordPress theme . So what makes them unique from other WordPress themes?

Thrive themes are designed to increase your website conversion rates.

If you are into blogging or online business, you need more conversions. You need to find ways to convert 10 sales into 20 sales without increasing your website traffic. You can effectively do that with your website design.

If done right, a unique and user-centric design can skyrocket your conversion rates. This is where Thrive themes come into play. Their theme functionality, layout options and every other design feature makes it extremely easy for you to design a site that converts.

If you are getting 100 visitors a day and 1 of them buys your $100 product, which is easier to double your money?

Increasing your website traffic (i.e to double your traffic, 200 visitors/day) or
Increasing your website conversions (i.e persuading 1 more person to buy your product)
If you are smart enough, you’d probably go with the second option, right? It’s a lot easier to increase your conversions than double your current traffic. Conversions are everything online!

Thrive themes are designed to convert random website visitors into email subscribers into buyers. They are not only beautifully designed but they are stunningly super fast.

The following three factors that turn your WordPress site into a conversion focused site.

If you are blogging for a while, you might have already heard about the importance of having landing pages. They are conversion rate boosters.

They add less distraction and give more emphasis for your call to actions. So you can easily persuade your blog visitors to take certain actions by using properly built landing pages.

Fortunately creating stunning landing pages with Thrive themes is really easier. Even if you are not a tech savvy and don’t know anything about coding, you can still create great landing pages with their landing page builders.

Remember, a minimalistic landing page design always increase your conversion rates be it your subscribers, sales or social shares.

Intuitive Content Editor:


When you install Thrive themes on your WordPress sites, it provides you an ultimate content editor to easily create great content for your sites. Their content editor is called as “Thrive content builder” that allows you to create great engaging and visually impressive content for your WordPress sites.

Here are few more uses of using their incredible Thrive content builder to create content for your sites.

You can easily add big attention grabbing buttons and calls to action to any post or page on your site.
You can easily add testimonial blocks to showcase social proof.
You can create content boxes to write feature list posts or reviews to make more sales.
It’s much easier to add responsive and customizable price tables. Great feature for marketers.
Add responsive videos with a single click.
You can cut down your long posts with the automatic table of contents.
And many more that makes your content creation process much easier when compared to the default WordPress editor.

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