Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

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Overview Of The LPG Pro WordPress Plugin To Create Email Capture Landing Pages

2 min read

About The LPG Pro WordPress Plugin:

LPG Pro stands for the “pro” version of our Landing Page Generator WordPress plugin.

This plugin will allow you to easily create marketing email capture landing pages using WordPress. Once you activate the plugin, simply create a campaign by giving it a name and a landing page will be auto generated for you.

All you need to do at that point is replace the default images and text with your own images and text.

Then set up your email CRM to collect email addresses (check out our site for another tutorial on how to collect email addresses and send out autoresponders even if you don’t have an email service).

At that point, you can begin running Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. to the page to capture email addresses.


About This Video:

In this video I’ll do an overview of our LPG Pro WordPress plugin (Landing Page Generator). I’ll show you how to:

– Set up a campaign / create a page
– What the Page Header / Footers scripts can be used for
– How to customize the text and images on the pages
– How to insert a video into the page
– Create footer links
– Change the page’s title
– and more

Comment below if you have any questions.


About Us:

If you’re an Amazon seller (like myself) and wish to distribute Amazon Single Use coupon codes to your customers…

Our WordPress plugins will allow you to create a front end landing page to collect email addresses and a back end landing page to display unique coupon codes to customers.

Email capture is not required. If you prefer you can send people directly to your coupons page in case they are already signed up on your newsletter.

No monthly membership fees, just a one time affordable payment and you can use our plugins on as many sites as you like in any Amazon market you are in.


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