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Make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE Blog with ADSENSE using WORDPRESS and Elementor 2019

by WPTutorials101

Learn How to Make an Amazon Affiliate Website Blog with WordPress and Elementor in this full-length video tutorial.

You’ll learn everything you need, including:
– how to create the Affiliate website in WordPress,
– how to create affiliate content
– how to add Google Adsense
– how to insert Amazon affiliate links
– basic SEO
– Google Analytics
and much more!

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Video Timings:

How much you need to spend to get your website setup: 00:02:24
Choosing your website NICHE: 00:05:42
Step 1 – Setup Website Hosting: 00:10:24
Step 2 -Repoint exiting domain name: 00:15:42
Step 3 – Install WordPress: 00:18:44
Step 4 – Install WordPress Theme: 00:21:45
Step 5 – Install WordPress Plugins (like Elementor): 00:25:00
Step 6 – Creating the homepage- 00:30:25
Step 7 – Adding content Categories, Static Pages (about us and contact us) and menus. Also includes Happy forms plugin. – 00:42:44
Step 8 – Adding Content (includes info on creating content and registering as an Amazon Affiliate/Associate)- 00:54:17
– Amazon Affiliate Signup Process: 00:54:21
– Ideas on creating content and articles : 00:57:17
– Creating your first post with WordPress and Elementor: 01:05:04
– Adding a table with Elementor and the Ultimate Elementor Add-on : 01:09:58
– Adding Heading, Paragraphs and Buttons with Elementor: 01:23:08
– Saving the post as an Elementor Global Template: 01:31:12
– Adding a post with Anchor Links: 01:33:26
Step 9 – Adding widgets to the footer, including the Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: 01:48:53
Step 10 – Adding widgets to the sidebar (including Google Adsense) – 01:52:49-
– Setting up for Google Adsense: 01:53:43
Step 11 – Adding Google Analytics: 01:57:14
Step 12- Installing Yoast SEO and submitting the site to Google – 02:01:17
– Changing the URL structure: 02:05:52
– Creating and submitting an XML sitemap: 02:06:47

Music is Awaken by Anno Domini Beats

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