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How To Set Up Page Level Ads In WordPress Website

by WPTutorials101

This video show you how to set up google’s new generation page level ads in wordpress website. You can also do this trick for your blogger website.
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On 27/4/2016 Google announces there new format of ads in google Adsense, Page level ads. According to Adsense official, they are going to refer it as “AdSense’s next generation ads.” The Page Level ads are designed to help the publisher to make some more money out of this new format ads.
Actually, Google is not focusing on the publisher’s earning. They just want to Adsense grow, and many advertisers give the advertise to Google so they can make money by Google Adwords because every dealer thinks that their ads appear to be everywhere, where the people see them, That’s why they introduced the new format of page level ads.

So how are you going to increase earning with Page level ads? That’s simple, follow these steps given below and increase your earnings and also experience google’s new technology.

Currently there two types of ads are available for Page level ads: Anchor/ Overlay ads and Vignette ads


These types of ads stick to the bottom of the page and visible until user close the ad or till then user don’t wanna see.


These are the full screen ads and appear between page loads on the website. The specialty of this ad is that they not display when a page load they are going to display user leave the page. Because this ensure that user don’t go before seeing your website. These ads are also dismisses any time by user.

How to activate Page- Level Ads?
When you open your adsense account you receive a notification within your adsense account
Go to My Ads – Content – Page- Level Ads BETA
Activate the types of ads you would like to use. you can activate both but one ad at a time.
Now click on get the code , copy this code and add this code to your website. This tag has to be placed in the head tag or at the top of body tag.
Now you done with the process, you can’t see your ads regularly basis on your mobile site but you review your ad by adding #googleads at end of your Url.

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