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How to Make an Autoblog with WordPress

by WPTutorials101

How to Make an Autoblog with WordPress
00:00:26 Steps
00:00:31 1 – Go to the Plugins section and click ‘Install Plugins’ in the top right hand of the page
00:00:44 2 – Type in ‘WP-O-Matic’ in the search box, and click Install on the right hand side of the description
00:01:04 3 – After the installation you should receive a message stating the installation was successful
00:01:21 4 – Now head further down the Settings list on the left hand side of the navigation menu to WP-O-Matic
00:01:45 5 – Once you are on the dashboard menu click on ‘Add Campaign’
00:01:56 6 – Under the basic tab you are asked to include a title
00:02:19 7 – You will be now asked to add a number of Feed URLs
00:02:30 8 – On the Feed URLs page in WordPress you can also change the Frequency from 1d 5h 0 to 0d 0h 5m and then click Submit
00:02:48 9 – While still on the WP-O-Matic dashboard click the Options link on the left hand side
00:03:11 10 – With this address copied you need to go back to your websites control panel
00:03:34 11 – Scroll right to the bottom and under the Advanced Box is the Cron jobs option, and click this
00:03:48 12 – You will then be asked your experience level
00:04:35 13 – Set the timing of Entry 1 to those that you see above
00:04:57 Tips

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