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WordPress Tutorials 101

WordPress Tutorials

How to Install WordPress Plugins

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This is a series of step-by-step WordPress Tutorials. In this video, you will learn How to Install WordPress Plugins. You will find many different free and premium plugins in WordPress. They are essentially, little pieces of software that allow you to perform certain functions to enhance your theme and website.

The plugins that I install in this demo video is called Elementor. It is a page builder plugin that allows you to customize your WordPress theme. It provides you a lot of flexibility in building your website from scratch. There are two ways of installing plugins: one way is to find a plugin within WordPress and directly install it and activate it; the second way is to upload a plugin with a zipped folder and then activating it.

Though plugins can be very helpful, it’s not a good idea to install too many plugins. For one, they can cause conflicts with the theme or other plugins; and they may cause your website to slow down. In the next video, in the WordPress Training Video Series, I will show you How to Create Pages and Posts in WordPress. You can check the link below for a list of all my WordPress Video Tutorials.

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