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How To Create A Hotel Website With Sailing Hotel WordPress Theme 2017

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This video will give you a tutorial and review the Hotel WordPress Theme Sailing, a WordPress theme for all hotels, resorts, hostels, bed and breakfast businesses.

Sailing is currently one of the best selling hotel theme on ThemeForest. It has 4.5 stars overall and we are planning to do some big update to the theme to improve its quality.

► Link to the theme:

► How to create and install a WordPress website: Check out this great video by Tyler Moore:

The best thing about the theme is that it is made only for hotel businesses so it has many special functions for hotels in general, especially the Booking, reservation management, customer managements… all solution in one simple WordPress theme for Hotel.

Secondly, all the design and all the elements of the themes are already built, so it wouldnt take too much of your time to setup your hotel website. As you can see here on our demo, there are many demotypes for Hotels, Guest house, for travel, or even for Arabic countries with Right to left version

All you need to do is to follow the instruction and everything will be automatically installed, up and running in just a few click

So it’s kind of a good deal when you only need 64 USD to buy 5 different high quality designs of Hotels and use it for your businesses.

If you need more information about this theme, please read this theme’s description right on this page or you can go to themeforest, look for Sailing hotel over there, or you can click into the link in the description of this video

, you will see a bunch of different layouts and demos pre decorated for you, you just need to import the layout you want to your wordpress website. 1 click install and a few customization and it’ll be done.

► ThimPress’s Supporting Forum:

► Sailing WP’s documentations:

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