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How to Add Adsense Verification Code to Your WordPress Website

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Adding AdSense verification code to WordPress

Step 1: In your WordPress dashboard, Hover on appearance and click on editor.
Step 2: make sure the theme you want to add your code to is selected and click on headers.php.
Step 3: Add your AdSense verification code directly below your the head tag.
How do I add AdSense code to my WordPress site?
Ads are most commonly displayed in the sidebar. You can add Google Adsense in your sidebar by using WordPress widgets. Simply go to Appearance Widgets page in your WordPress admin area. Next, drag & drop the ‘Custom HTML’ widget to the appropriate widget area and paste your Google AdSense code in there.
How do I enable AdSense on WordPress?
Follow the steps below in order to create a new widget and insert the Adsense code:

Log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance Widgets section.
To add a new widget, select Text and drag and drop it to the place where you want to display the ads. …
Fill the Title and Content fields.
How do I add code to header in WordPress?
How do I add the tracking code to a WordPress website?

Option 1: Use a plugin.
Go to the configuration panel of the plugin.
Under the “Page head and footer” tab, add the tracking code to the section which says “Code to be added to the HEAD section of every page”:
Option 2: Add directly to the header.php file.
Go to “Appearance”, then “Editor”, then “header.php”.
How do I add ads to WordPress posts?
How to Add Google AdSense Between Posts in WordPress

Step 1: Edit template file. You can display Google AdSense ads (image ads or text ads) between your posts on your post listing page like categories or archive pages or your main index page which is called the homepage or frontpage. …
Step 2: Enter Your WP QUADS Ad Code. …
Step 3: View Your Blog Frontpage.
How do I connect my website to AdSense?
Connect your site to AdSense

Sign in to your AdSense account.
Copy the code on your AdSense homepage.
Paste the code into the HTML of your page, between the head and head tags. …
(Optional) If you incorrectly entered the URL of your site when you created your AdSense account, click Edit and update your URL.
How do you advertise your website?
Here are seven website promotion tips you need to follow to get your page up to the top of the search engines.

Focus on Website SEO. …
Social Media Marketing. …
Search Engine Listing. …
Signature Branding. …
Reciprocal Linking. …
Focus on Quality Content. …
Use Google Local Business.
How can I add AdSense code to my WordPress header?
Insert the code using a plugin:

Log into your WordPress admin dashboard. Go to Plugins Add new Search for Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Install the plugin and activate it:
Go to Settings Insert Headers and Footers menu. Paste the Google AdSense verification code into the Headers section. Save the changes:
Can you monetize a free WordPress blog?
AdSense is compatible with free Blogger blogs and self-hosted WordPress blogs, but keep in mind that it won’t work with a free WordPress blog (although you can monetize with WordAds if you have a custom domain).
Can you put AdSense on free WordPress blog?
WordPress doesn’t allow Adsense with the free plan. I have a better experience with Weebly and Blogger. You can create a free blog over there and you can also get Adsense access. … If you are talking about self hosted wordpress then yes you can add adsense.
How do I add HTML to my WordPress header?
First, download and install Insert Headers and Footers for WordPress. Now go to Settings Insert Headers and Footers.
Thank You.

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