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WordPress Tutorials 101

WordPress Tutorials

Getting Started With WordPress – Widgets

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Hi, guys welcome back to Kodegems. In this video, you will learn how to work with WordPress widgets.

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WordPress Tutorials for Beginners 2018
1- WordPress Profile Section

*Color section of the admin panel
*Biographical Info
*Profile Picture
*Password Handling

2- How to change user/admin password in WordPress

*Detailed Password Handling

3- Working With WordPress Pages:

*Wp-bakery page builder demo to add pages
*add pages in the navigation

4- Working With Posts and Blog

*Adding blog page
*Adding posts

5- Working with Appearance Tab:

*Adding free and premium templates/themes
*Theme Editor

6- Working With Widgets:

*Complete Understandings of Widgets (Block)
*How to add widgets

7- Working With Settings Tab:

General Tab:
*Site Title
*Admin Email address
*Site Language
*Time Zones
*Date Format
Writing Tab
*Reading Tab
*Permalink (URL of your WordPress Website)

8- How to add Plugin:

9- How to Backup WordPress Website in Easy steps

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