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Elementor Tutorial: Create A WordPress Website With Elementor (FREE) ⚡🕐

by WPTutorials101

In this Elementor Tutorial you will learn how to create a WordPress website for free (aside from hosting and a domain name).

We are going to walk through the initial website cleanup that you should do on every new website. We’ll create a header and footer using the Neve’s customizer settings.

We’ll go through all the important settings of the free Elementor plugin. And then we’re going to build a simple, but good looking website with Elementor, step-by-step.

The tools we used to make this happen:

• Neve WordPress theme:
• Get professional hosting from Siteground, with discount* –
• Elementor:

1. Stock Photos:
2. Free Icons:
3. Domain Wheel –
4. Image optimization service by Optimole –
5. Orbit FOX –

Table of Contents:

Step #1 – Initial WP Cleanup & Settings 🕓 1:38
Step #2 – Neve Theme Customizer Options – Header & Footer 🕓 13:58
Step #3 – Elementor Templates & Settings 🕓 24.24
Step #4 – Creating The Homepage With Elementor 🕓 28:59
Step #5 – Creating The About Page 🕓 1:03:31
Step #6 – Creating The Contact Page 🕓 1:06:58

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