Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

WordPress Tutorials 101

WordPress Tutorials

CAUTION! Why I Only Do SEO On WordPress Websites

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Have you ever wondered, is SEO easier or better using a WordPress Website?


It is often expressed online that if you want to do SEO, you need a WordPress website to rank in Google

Although this is not true, as many websites rank that is not WordPress, it is still my preference when working on a website

Why? Well, most people have WordPress as their CMS. So it makes it much easier to get really good at one thing than trying to optimize for a million different things

I used to take on any client regardless of their web platform and it was a large mistake

This is often why I make the conversion from other CMS’s to WordPress so my team and I can easily make adjustments to the website

When you’re growing your business, you should be focused on one thing – making your systems and processes easy for everyone to understand

If you’re managing too many websites CMS’s, it can be difficult to scale your company because of all the special skills you’ll likely have to learn

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