Amazon Coupon Landing Page Builder – Coupons Pro WordPress Plugin Overview 2

In this video, I’ll go over your general options with our Coupons Pro plugin to distribute Amazon Single Use coupon codes.

It’s a WordPress Plugin designed to be an Amazon landing page generator to quickly create a coupon page to distribute your Single Use or Group coupon codes.

This is an updated video which is a bit shorter than our other overview video of the Coupons Pro, which is found here:

If you’d like to get a little more into some of the features, watch that video, otherwise this one will brief over your options and how the plugin works quickly so you can go on with your day 🙂

Not sure what Seller Coupons Pro is?

It’s a set of 2 WordPress plugins designed for Amazon sellers to distribute their Amazon coupons to customers from places like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

The plugins quickly create your landing pages and all you need to do is swap out the default text with your own product’s text and images. Add your email pop up to capture emails and you’re good to go.

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