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Amazing WordPress Themes To Create Wonderful Website

by WPTutorials101

Get Amazing WordPress Themes:

If you want to get more leads and sales for your online business, you need more traffic or…
Or increase your website’s conversion rates…
The problem with most websites is that it’s NOT optimized for conversions.
But fortunately, that can easily be resolved. I do this by creating specific landing pages for each specific goal.
Here’s what I’m talking about…
Do you want to capture more email subscribers?
– You need to build squeeze pages or optin pages
Do you need to do a webinar or a webinar replay?
– You need Webinar Registration Pages
Do you need to sell your products and services?
– You’ll need to create sales page for that
Do you have content that you would only like to be available to paying members? – Then create membership pages
I used to have “ugly” landing pages and websites, you know, the old wyswig website design.
And that really killed the conversion rates on my site. How did I know?
By looking at the bounce rates (more than 93%), that’s about 9 out 10 people leaving my website in less than 3
seconds. When I started using landing pages for different conversion points and purposes on my website, I’ve seen
significant and higher conversion rates than ever before…

Advantages of Using Thrive Themes:

– It’s affordable – For only $19-49/month (Agency license), these allows you to install these plugins on UNLIMITED

– A lot of people uses it – The support and community behind Thrive Themes is very strong. If you need assistance
from a Thrive Themes expert, contact me.

– Depending on your license, you can use it on unlimited websites that you own or for your clients – The beauty of the
Thrive Themes subscription is that your personal subscription allows you to use it on unlimited websites that you
own. The Agency license allows you to use it for client websites if you’re a freelancer or a digital marketing agency.

-Tons of Gorgeous Designs – The possibilities with the Content builder are endless. Thrive Themes comes with 10
Premium WordPress templates that are entirely optional, but you I’ve used the Content builder for CREATING
CONTENT for ALL of my websites. This page is an example of what can be created with the content builder.

– Powerful List Building Plugin – The capabilities of the list-building tool, Thrive Leads is so powerful, that I’ve
decided to write a separate review for just this plugin, so stay tuned for that. Anyway, the Thrive Leads tool has
almost every type of “optin form” in the market today. It doesn’t stop there, the Lead Groups, the analytics and
split-testing capabilities and the advanced targeting options are just some of the features that you have to check
out. Recently, they’ve also added Lead export (so you never lose details of your subscribers) and Lead delivery
(similar to Leadpages’ Lead magnet feature).

– Great Support – As I’ve mentioned, Thrive Themes was created by a very well-respected online marketer, and
conversion expert Shane Melaugh. He has an awesome team that responds quickly to any technical or support
problems that you might have. And believe me you’ll have those questions, good thing you can really on the
support from Thrive Themes.
There will be NEW plugins, tutorials and strategies shared to members of the Thrive Themes. One of the recent
feature that I’m really loving (and using) right now is the TypeFocus tool which allows you to rotate different texts in
a sentence. Check out the changing text in the headline below…

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