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60 Minute Blog Creation – WordPress 2016

by WPTutorials101

This video shows you an easy to follow blog setup.
To setup hosting, first GO TO ▶ ◀

Creating a blog has never been easier than it is right now. The fact that you no longer have to study years of coding to setup every element of a website is a big plus for novice webmasters. WordPress is a website creation platform that just about anyone can use.
Setting up a blog with WordPress is probably one of the easiest tasks you can accomplish as a beginner.
You can create your blog with the following 5 step process:

STEP 1: Choose domain name
STEP 2: Get a hosting provider
STEP 3: Install WordPress
STEP 4: Select a theme
STEP 5: Create and edit your blog

1. What is a domain name?
A domain name (also called a URL) is the name of your website. In order to have a blog or website on the internet, you first have to choose a unique domain name that no one else is using.

2. What is a hosting provider?
A webhosting provider is a company that will allow you to put your domain names on their web servers, so you can build websites for those domains. Usually, this costs less than $10 per month for the service.

3. What is WordPress
Wordpress is a blog/website creation platform that allows you to build virtually any kind of site you can imagine without needing to understand any html coding.

4. What is a Theme?
A theme is a website template that gives your site the look and feel you want to have on the internet. It’s like choosing the body and interior to go with your car engine.

5. Creating and editing the blog
This speaks for itself. Learning how to use WordPress is pretty simple and there are plenty of tutorials around to teach you what you need to know.

Follow my tutorial to learn the basics you need to create a blog using WordPress.

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